Edit your Website within browser with TypeRoom Lite


So you made a typo and got to know only after webpage was published. From now on, you can correct such small errors on your webpages with little more ease using TypeRoom Lite. No installation, no download and of course no payment.

TypeRoom Lite is a free online web service that allows you to edit any webpage on the fly. Just enter the URL of the webpage you want to edit and your are all set. After webpage loads, you can edit any part of the webpage by selecting it with a mouse click.

You will get an editable windows at the bottom part with the selected content. From that window you can edit text, change it formatting. Here is how it looks:

Besides editing text, you can edit images. You can edit the image source url, image properties like margins etc. One very easy and free web services to make little modifications.

TypeRoom is also developing the PRO (paid) version of this editing tool with more powerful features. Till PRO version comes out, you can try out TypeRoom Lite for free. Interesting concept to make techno life of webmasters little easy, what say?



  1. Thanks for the review here! Glad you’ve found it useful so far.

    We’re looking forward to showing you the Pro system : )

    Reilly Sweetland
    Founder | CEO

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