Blogger Images limit & ways to increase it


If you thought you can store as many images as you want, well you were wrong. At present for every blog in your account, you are allowed 1024MB or 1GB of storage space for images.

Images you post on your blogger blog are now stored on Picasa Web Albums. It is very to easy to check how much space you have already used and how much is left. Here simple procedure…

1. Click on create a new post.
2. Click on add image button.
3. Check for amount used next to Upload images option (see pic)
With Integration of blogger images with Picasa, you can see all the images on your blog at one place. To do so, go to Picasa Website , login using your Google account and you will see all the images for each blog in the account separately.

If 1GB is not enough for you and you want more, no need to worry. You need to pay a bit to get extra storage space. As per Picasa help page, following are the upgrade package they offer:

– 6.25GB ($25 USD per year)
– 25GB ($100 USD per year)
– 100GB ($250 USD per year)
– 250GB ($500 USD per year)

To purchase extra storage click Settings at the top of your Web Albums page. At the bottom of your Settings page, click the link in the Storage section and follow the instructions displayed to purchase additional storage. Simple isn’t it?


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