3 Column Blogger Template, Octobre for you


This is for all blogger users out there, are you bored of your blog? If yes and template makeoveris on the mind, then check out the beautiful 3 column wordpress template by Nurudin Jauhari. This is my kind of template with nice white background and easily readable text (but I don’t use blogger anymore!)

With 3 columns, one on each side you can stack lot of other stuff there. Overall template is really good with nice big blue title for post and subtle colors. Only thing I would like to change is the header.

Octobre Blogger Template: Full PreviewDownload page

Probably it is time for you to download this template and do some creative work in designing customized header for your blog while using this template. Good work Mr Jauhari.



  1. nice template

  2. Nice template, but the link does not work, please re-download the template again link is true, because I loved this template

  3. Thank you. :)

  4. It’s vert amazing templet for blog. so i can use it.


  5. Thanks for the list :)

  6. Thanks for posting My Octobre Blogger Templates ;)

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