Make your Own WordPress Theme in few Clicks


People who use WordPress are always lookout for the that exclusive and unique Theme for their blog.

There are number of resources from where one can download free themes. However, to customize as per specific requirement one need to know bit of CSS, HTML and other coding stuff.

Using web service ‘templatr’ you can make your own WordPress theme in few clicks of mouse. This is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) WordPress Theme Generator. It has very simple layout and easy to use interface. You just need 4 steps to make that final theme:

  1. Select the layout, among 2 column, 3 colums and even the column positioning.
  2. Upload the graphic stuff like images to be shown on header or other parts of the page.
  3. Use the desginer include deciding on color and other display elements.
  4. Download the theme in English, Spanish, Italian and few other languages.

This service is free and as official blog claims need very little knowlege of HTML and other stuff:

You need no knowledge of HTML and no special Software. All you need is a Browser, maybe a little creativity and a small idea of how the finished design should look.

templatr: WebsiteBlogHelp

Even though it is very easy to use, knowning bit about HTML tags will surely come handy in qucikening up the whole process.


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