‘MP3 Compatible’ logo for legal music download sites


How do you identify legal music download websites from illegal ones? Well, things look all set to ease out with introduction of ‘MP3 Compatible’ logo.

This new logo aims to promote legal music download websites and also emphasise on the fact that MP3 files can be played on any digital player. Seven of Britain’s largest music download sites have got together to promote this new “MP3 compatible” logo.

Geoff Taylor, BPI chief executive, said: “This logo will not only help give consumers confidence that the music files they are buying will play on a wide range of devices, but will also help them know that they are legal and that artists are getting paid.”

So, next time you see above image of ‘MP3 Compatible’ – implies that music site is offering legal music download and original artist is being paid for it. Will that stop illegal music websites from popping up here and there? Also, will netizens refrain from downloading illegal music? Well – this is another story, what say?



  1. my favorite music download site is always peer to peer networks like emule and torrents -“‘

  2. i prefer to download musi from the ipod website or amazon, sometimes i download on emile too _

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