Control desktop music player & share music in Yahoo Messenger

Do you love listening to music while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger? If so, you are most likely to play music in your favorite music player and chatting with friends in Yahoo Messenger seperately - how about integrating both of them? FoxyTunes from Yahoo Music plugin helps you

Share Mp3 & youtube / Imeem videos on Twitter

Twitter can be very addictive and if you are getting bored of expressing yourself with only text, how about sending a tweet loaded with your favorite Mp3 song or Youtube video? web service allows you to do this in few simple clicks. To get started, enter your Twitter username,

Listen Indian music on Orkut & Facebook via Guruji

Guruji is a popular India specific search engine which has launched music apps for Orkut and Facebook users. Using these, one can access Indian music of their interest - not limited to Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. Users can also search old and new music using any keywod from song

Tweet & Share Mp3 songs on Twitter with Songly

There are number of tools for extended Twitter experience for various additional features like sharing photos and videos. How about sharing favorite mp3 songs with Twitter friends? Songly makes this process real easy and simple. Just paste the link of any Mp3 song on the internet and

‘MP3 Compatible’ logo for legal music download sites

How do you identify legal music download websites from illegal ones? Well, things look all set to ease out with introduction of 'MP3 Compatible' logo. This new logo aims to promote legal music download websites and also emphasise on the fact that MP3 files can be played on any