Multiple RapidShare Downloads made easy with RapGet


Do you like to download lot of file from websites like Rapidshare, megaupload?

If yes, then you must have encountered troublesome situation of irritating timers and blocking of multiple downloads etc. We have already seen 10 tools to Search Rapidshare Files with Ease.

Now, make your life easy by managing multiple RapidShare downloads using RapGet. RapGet (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as,, and others. Basic Feautures include:

  • It a lite application of about 200 Kb.
  • It autodownloads from 68 free share services.
  • Helps in managing lot of simultaneous downloads.
  • Provide multilingual support for 48 languages.

Details: RapGetDownloadVersion History

Best part, this cool piece of software is FREE. With this software you can manage task of downloading from rapidshare and other services with ease. Download and install this to manage downloads from Rapidshare and other similar services!



  1. amezing

  2. The concept is not illegal if used for multiple dl’s on a paid unlimited sub. The program itself is a piece of crap as it crashes way too often for me.

  3. Is this safe to use? Doesn’t it violate the terms of the sites? How can I be sure that this won’t infect my computer?

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