Mumbai Terrorist Attacks, In Memory…


Americans, Australians, Germans, Israeli, Canadian, French, British and Indians – Mumbai blasts has left every nation scared with heinous act of urban warfare. In memory of all those who has lost their lives.

We salute brave Indian security forces who did commendable job in trying to protect people in crisis. It is hard to put in words, how much this incident has left impression on minds of people. This time a bomb didn’t go off in isolated place…

…but terrorist dared to stay on and fight with security forces for 3 days. One terrorist has been captured alive and is revealing chilling details of how they actually planned to blow up Taj Mahal Hotel and take lives of 5000 people.

It has been very sad days for Mumbai and India as a whole. Here we salute to people who laid lives fighting and god bless to people who are not with use anymore. Spirit of India lives on, here is a video that says it all:

Above image via Wikipedia, get more info on Mumbai Blasts in our earlier post.



  1. Appreciate the post, spirit of Indians and Mumbaikars in particular will never go down!

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