No Cat Captchas on RapidShare, Speedmeter Debuts


Rapidshare got design makeover with new catty Captchas which was tough nut to crack. Many free users got stumbled in trying to figure out which character in Captcha had a cat, dog, rabbit etc.

Here comes the relief, Rapidshare has removed captchas all together. Now, Free users will not see any captchas and can download files on the fly. However, they have introduced another limiting feature so that heavy downloaders switch to premium account.

Speedmeter debuts on Rapidshare which limit the maximum download speed for free‐users to 500 kilobit per second. To compensate for that, they do not have to wait anymore until starting a succeeding download.

Other changes include, free-users can now upload and download bigger files (up to 200 megabyte). Premium-users now profit from more flexibility regarding the download volume: It used to be limited to 10 gigabyte per day and can be “saved” now to a maximum of 50 Gigabyte.

Limiting of downloading speed will not go down well with users with high speed connections, they for sure would like to bang their head with Captchas. Anyway, premium user option is always there. No more concentrating and straining eyes to figure out “where is the cat?”.

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  1. i noticed that too and am happy those stupid cats are gone actually i left using rapidshare as my primary upload service just because of those hard to read cats and dogs :S

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