Now Gmail Storage well over 4.3GB WOW


I was never fond of Gmail and always went in for jazzed up yahoo and rediff email service. Till one day one of friend had to send me a big sized attachment email and I gave him my yahoo email address.

Guess what? My Yahoo email just did not accept that email, giving some funny message regarding attachment size.

Thanks to Google, that I had a gmail ID (created long ago) that came to my resue. Since then emails with big attachment flew like anything and I am loving Gmail. Recently noticed that storage space of Gmail account has crossed 4.3GB and stands at 4326MB.

Now I use gmail for most of critical messaging. So why do I like Gmail ?

  1. No Obstructive ads, its only show text ads.
  2. Very simple and clean interface.
  3. Its fast and furious, hehehe I m getting in mood now!
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts help in quick navigation.
  5. Gtalk integration is best for me!
  6. Almost zero spam, my yahoo email is filled with ton loads (wonder why?)

Here is what is not so good about other email providers:

  1. Advertisement, rediff has truck loads of them. Yahoo not far behind.
  2. I feel Gmail is quicker than email providers.
  3. They love spam and waste so much time deleting them!
  4. They have jazzed up look with slow interface and navigation.
  5. Deleting emails other than spam can be real pain in yahoo.

Lastly, I have started loving gmail because its gmail man! Now I have realised why so many of my friends are big fans of Gmail and wanted me to check this beauty once. Reports suggest by Jan 2008, Gmail storage with touch 6GB. Again, I am loving it



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