Old Age & Using computers made easy with SeniorPC


With advancing age things do get little difficult and slow at times. Microsoft is here is to help Senior citizens atleast in the field of using computers with SeniorPC Packages.

SeniorPCs are computers that come equipped with user-friendly software specifically geared to senior living. Think of it as a simplified way to do it all: e-mailing, word processing, plus managing prescriptions, finances, travel planning and photos.

There are even word games and number games for keeping the puzzle skills sharp. Now, getting up-and-running on your own PC is practically as easy as plugging it in and turning it on.

Currently SeniorPCs are offered under 2 packages: Standard and Autopilot Package. They include:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Microsoft Works Suite 8
  • games, prescription software
  • Free Color printer.

Old wine in new bottle or something really worth for Senior citizens to drive away computing blues. Anyone using SeniorPC Package?



  1. senior living can be costly if you have not found a very good company or that offers a great deal .;’

  2. i just thought that senior living is quite a lonely life because of limited physical activities ::

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