Outlook Express spell check & Office2007 !


Upgrading brings in whole lot of new features & ease but problems also. One issue that you may face after installing Office 2007, that you dont have English as a choice of language in the spell checker of Outlook Express and potentially in some other programs as well.

This is beacuse Office 2007 is replacing the v.3 English Proofing Tools that shipped in prior versions of Office with a new version (v.6). There are a number of changes in this new version, but the one that is causing this problem is that Outlook Express doesnt understand the new English Proofing Tools.

This is a problem because Outlook Express has never shipped with its own proofing tools but has used the ones shipped by Office.To resolve this issue:

1. You need to Download a free spell check. You can get one on the following link: download link here 

2. Another workaround for this problem is to install the English dictionary from Office 2003 (or Office XP). There should be no need to install all of Office just the dictionary.

The English Proofing Tools can be found in the Custom Install tree under Office Shared FeaturesProofing ToolsEnglish.Other scenarios to avoid this issue are:
– Upgrade from Office 2003 or earlier to Office 2007, if you dont manually uninstall the earlier version of Office this issue will not occur.
– Configuration in which Office 2003 (or earlier) has not been removed.


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