MS Office online version – view / edit Word Docs online


Soon you will be viewing and editing Microsoft Word documents within your web browser. Microsoft is all geared up for the roll out of web based version of Microsoft Office.

It will be lightweight version of Microsoft Office including: Word, Powerpoint Excel and OneNote. You can perform basic operations like viewing, editing documents, sharing and collaborating over the Internet.

Unlike Google Docs, Zoho – MS Office online most likely will be stripped down version of desktop version of MS Office. Don’t be surprised if many features are missing from online version – Microsoft cannot afford to lose money from offline version sales!


ScreenShots: MS Word [ViewEdit Window], OneNote [ViewEdit Window]

Still, with so many people so use to using MS Office, online version with basic features can give tough competition to Google Docs and Zoho. It is expected to launch soon – we will keep you posted!


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