Write any word or name in true web 2.0 style

Web 2.0 buzz has been going around for a while now. We have different startups with glitzy, glossy web 2.0 logos. We did cover one simple tutorial to create a jazzy web 2.0 logo - here is even simpler way to do so. Web 2.0 Write can generate any name or word in true web 2.0 style. It

Download free Web2.0 logos with original PSD files

Are you looking for a jazzy, cool, glitzy (ah... so many words) logo for your blog, website or any upcoming project? For many of us, working with PhotoShop does not come easy and we head to internet for free logos. Most of logos on offer have strings attached with limitation on

MS Office online version – view / edit Word Docs online

Soon you will be viewing and editing Microsoft Word documents within your web browser. Microsoft is all geared up for the roll out of web based version of Microsoft Office. It will be lightweight version of Microsoft Office including: Word, Powerpoint Excel and OneNote. You can perform

Add Reflection or Mirror Effect to Images with Reflectz

Images stand out with reflection and mirror effect. This is perfectly suited for place-holder images on a start page or for logo banner. We have already seen 5 cool ways to add image reflection to images, here is another one with 'Reflectz'.

Looking for Startup Pitch / Punchline for your Startup?

So, you are about to roll out new web2.0 startup. Hang on! Did you decide on startup pitch to catch attention of maximum people around? "... long invite-only beta local search desktop app that leverages the potential for exponential growth."

Make 3D Web 2.0 Icon for your site with ease !

Well this is the latest trend, most of the well known sites has web 2.0 icons. Like many people, I am amazed at look of these icons. These icons generally have glass effect with tinge of 3D shadow. I tried to make icon for my site(tothepc) and was successful to some extent. Most of my