Search & scan Twitter Content Real Time with Ease


If you are heavy user of Twitter and want to get more Twitter juice then Tweet Scan is one handy free web service you need. It is a search service for Twitter Content. Enter the keyword or Twitter username to get some cool results from actual Twitter posts or content.

It automatically searches Twitter Content and email results to you. Interface is very simple with two text search fields for ‘Keyword’ and ‘Username’ respectively. Of course Search button is also present. Some key features of this Twitter Scan are:

  • Get updates via email, rss, or use Click button.
  • Use it to find lost or multi-user replies.
  • Scan up to five phrases for daily or weekly delivery.
  • No ads or spam and turn it off at any time.

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This is a FREE service and you need to setup an account to use it. Provide the email address and start getting updates from Twitter content that interest you!


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