Search Within a Specific site on Google Search, New?


Besides searching for specific content, Google Search is often used as re-director to sites you want to visit. You can type the name of the website and it appears first on Google Search – click through and visit the site you want.

Here is more –believe me this happens with lot of users, many cannot differentiate between Google Toolbar’s search box and internet explorer’s address bar. Many users will type the URL of the site in Google search box.

Traditionally, Google search has done good job in allowing you reach the website you want. Now, Google has come up with new feature to make this experience even better.

Besides the usual link to website you want – it also displays the search box to search that specific website on Google Search page.

Is this feature really NEW? Technically NO. You can always search a specific website content by using this search syntax:

But hey, majority of people either don’t know or do not bother to remember this. As pointed by Google Blog, this in-built search box on Search result page will for sure make your Techno Life easy in searching content on a specific website, what say?


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