Send private Twitter Messages to groups of friends


Here comes another Twitter app to make your Twitter experience better and interesting. We send loads of tweets to different friends on Twitter.

At times we need to send a specific message to specific group of friends. In case you want to do this on regular basis, then GroupTweet will for sure come handy.

It allows you to setup a private group of friends and have your tweets delivered to group member privately. Here is the simple procedure to get started with GroupTweet:

  1. Create a Twitter account for you group & make sure that updates are protected in the settings for this account.
  2. Register your group’s Twitter account at
  3. Tell all group members to follow the group account you created at Twitter.
  4. To send a message to all the group members, just direct text your group’s Twitter account.

In above 4 simple steps you are ready to share tweets privately among specific group members. Besides being easy, this can be very useful in certain cases. For example group of people working on a common project – who also happen to be Twitterholic. Checkout GroupTweet


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