Send Secure Encrypted email Using Lockbin


We share tons of information with friends via emails. While most of the stuff involves chain mails, pictures, videos, however some stuff surely is ‘senstive’ which can be preyed upon and finally stolen.

Your email can be traced and content copied before it reaches the destination. Setting up own email encryption will require some heavy duty know-how and time.

What is the solution? Here there is alternative in the form of ‘Lockbin’. It allows you send encrypted email messages, so that you don’t have to send things like credit card information or other sensitive data through your personal email account. Here is the simple procedure of using this email encryption service:

  • Open the Lockbin website & Click on Start button.
  • Check License terms & Enter security Code.
  • Enter the Message you want to send securely.
  • Click on Continue & enter a ‘Secret Word’.
  • Then Enter receiver’s name & Email address to send email.

Secret Word is a sort of a password. After sending the email you need to tell this ‘Secret Word’ to your friend by phone, text message, instant message, web email etc. When you friend receives email, he will have to click on a link pointing to Lockbin website.

Then enter the ‘Secret Word’ and original message will appear. As soon as the message is received, it is destroyed from Lockbin servers, so make sure you copy or note the message somewhere for future.

Why not simple email? As Lockbin website explains… Email isn’t secure. Even if you connect to your email server using SSL, there is no guarantee the recipient is taking the same precautions. There are dozens of freely available network sniffers capable of listening in on your communication.

Interesting service for sending some sensitive stuff to friends online. However, as any wise man would say… use discretion in sharing sensitive information on the web.


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