Watch Youtube Videos with better Clarity & Resolution


Youtube has tons of videos and one can find videos on any topic from around the world. Sadly, none of the Youtube Video is in high resolution and quality.

 However, there is method to view high resolution of a Youtube Video (if available) by tweaking its URL.

To view better version of a Youtube Video, simply add &fmt=6 at the end of youtube video URL. For example:

  • original URL –
  • Tweaked URL –

While this is good news, here is bit of bad news. This method does not work on majority of Youtube Videos. It only works, if better version of a specific video is already available on Youtube Server.

Bayme, a member of videohelp forum [via CyberNet] posted about this method on the forum. I tried 5 videos and could see improvement only in one video.

This method is for sure good for some improvement in watching Youtube Videos. However, majority of Videos will look the same. Did this method work for you?

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  1. Thanks for the tip, it sure helps a lot in browsing youtube :)

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