Windows XP features missing in Vista


Windows Vista is here with host of new features, but there are some features of its predecessor Windows XP, that are put to an end. So, here is the list of features that you will not find in Windows Vista, but might have used in Windows XP. Here goes…

1. User interface for advanced file type functionality (such as defining custom secondary actions or showing extensions only for specific file types) has been removed. Vista-compatible applications are expected to use new Default Programs API.

2.Windows Messenger is being removed entirely; no replacement for it is expected to be included, in favor of a link to Windows Live Messenger on the Welcome Center .

3. NetMeeting is also being removed entirely, in favor of Windows Meeting Space.
4. Internet Explorer is no longer integrated with Windows Explorer. This can also be seen in Internet Explorer 7 on Windows XP and Windows Server 20035. Windows XP’s well-known Luna theme has been removed.

6. Links to the Backgammon, Hearts, Reversi, Spades and Checkers games on MSN Gaming Zone have been removed. Pinball has also been removed.

7. Startup Hardware Profiles have been removed.

8. Due to unpopularity, IP over 1394 (FireWire) support has been removed.

9. Unlike Outlook Express, Windows Mail has no support for HTTP mail via the WebDAV protocol (used by older Hotmail accounts and Yahoo! Mail); the addition of Windows Live Mail Desktop is likely to be required for similar functionality and there is a link to this from the Welcome Center

10. Windows Explorer’s Web Publishing Wizard has been removed.

11. HyperTerminal has been removed. No replacement will be included with Vista .

12. Support for enabling a folder for web sharing with Internet Information Services via the Windows Explorer interface has been removed.

13. Motherboard support for ACPI is required for Windows Vista; as a result, older motherboards supporting only Advanced Power Management will no longer work. Other “legacy” hardware technologies no longer supported include: EISA buses, game ports, MPU-401, AMD K6/2+ Mobile Processors, Mobile Pentium II, and Mobile Pentium III SpeedStep; ISAPnP is disabled by default.

Besides these, there will be lot more. Surely I will update as and when I find them. In the meantime you can also add in comment, if I have missed something important… thanks in advance.


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