Setup & check voicemail on Windows phone 7


You can easily setup your Windows Phone 7 mobile device for voicemails. After intial greeting setup, you are all set to use voicemail feature. Neat interface allows you to check new voicemails, missed calls and so on. All settings and details can be accessed using ‘phone’ tile on your Windows Phone 7 homescreen.

Setup ‘Voicemail’ on Windows Phone 7

1. On the ‘Start’ screen tap on Phone tile and then goto Voicemail .

2. Follow onscreen instructions to setup voicemail on your phone.

3. Record a greeting message and then tap End call to hang up.

Check ‘Voicemail’ on Windows Phone 7

1. On Start screen, tap Phone > Voicemail .

2. When prompted, enter your voicemail password.

3. Then follow instructions in your voicemail to listen to, replay, delete and manage your voicemail messages.

4. Tap End call to hang up.



  1. Lot of bloggers said windows 7 phone is going to be failed . But with these features introduced in the new windows 7 platform it’s hard to say. Sales of windows 7 phones are increasing day by day. Few days back HTC introduced 4 new models of windows 7 phones.

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