10 Google Reader Keyboard Shortcuts, get quick now!


Are you tired of clicking here and there in different window panes of Google Reader? Give your mouse some relief and start navigation quickly with keyboard shortcuts.

You can navigate more quickly in Google Reader with the help of keyboard shortcuts. J key is very important for many Google Reader users.  

It is most used Google Reader shortcut to navigate next feed item. Here is the list of 10 most used Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Reader:

  • j next item
  • n item scan down
  • k previous item
  • m mark as read/unread
  • t tag item
  • p item scan up
  • shift-n next subscription
  • v view original
  • o expand/collapse item
  • s star item

Above list of 10 keyboard shortcuts is based on most used Google Reader keyboard shortcuts. These 10 keys can make you a quickie in navigating Google Reader.

Besides these, there are number of other Google Reader keyboard shortcuts. Complete list is here.


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