10 Strange Mouse that look anything but Mouse


Mouse does not need any introduction. Come on, we use it all the time when using computer. However, mouse that most of us use are decent and very functional. Now here are few mouse (concept mouse) that looks anything but mouse. These are concept mouse that you can surely get to flaunt the design. Not sure how well they work as compared to good old standard mouse. Fun begins now…

1. Mogo Mouse [newtonperipherals.com/mogo_mouseX54.html]

2. EzKey Keypad Mouse [gizmodo.com/gadgets/two_in_one/ezkey-keypad-mouse-for-number-crunchers-on-the-go-284274.php]

3. Tablet Mouse [slipperybrick.com/2007/05/hanwang-tablet-mouse/]

4. MUS2 Mouse [shoutat.blogspot.com/2007/08/mus2-mouse-this-cordless-optical-2.html]

5. Heart Mouse [tokyomango.com/tokyo_mango/2007/02/lusty_heartshap.html]

6. USB Mouse Mouse [pocket-lint.co.uk/news/news.phtml/9601/10625/Brando-launches-USB-Mouse-Mouse.phtml]

7. Screaming Mouse [idiottoys.com/2007/09/gadgets-with-faces-6.html]

8. GUN Mouse [solware.co.uk/bb-guns/g-mouse.shtml]

9. Mogo Mouse [newtonperipherals.com/mogo_mouseX54.html]



  1. oh..! how beautigul and so cute namn ng mga mouse..! ^_^

  2. sasan mohammadi says

    please send more detail information about mouses
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