3 Tools to Fix Stuck or Dead Pixel on LCD Monitor


A Point or dot on the screen which is either very dark or light is referred as stuck or dead pixel. You can easily recognize these dead pixels as small dots on your LCD display. There are number of methods to attempt to fix dead pixels.

Some practical methods includes applying pressure with a damp cloth on dead pixel area after turning the monitor OFF. You can also attempt to tap that dead pixel area to bring some life. However, be gentle and do not break or scratch the LCD surface.

Second set of method includes using software tools. Following are few tools that can re-energised dead pixel and possibly eliminate dead pixels.

1. killdeadpixel It is a free online to fix possible dead pixel issue on your LCD display. Simply drag the graphic button to your dead pixel and let it stay there for about 1 hour. The graphic will try to massage the dead pixel back alive again by getting it to change rapidly. If after 1 hour it doesn’t work, try the full screen version [800×600 – 1024×768 ] for about 12hours.

Please note, try to cover the whole lcd screen with the black window. leaving any status bar visible may harm the lcd screen. Use the full screen function of your web browser and hide all the top bars. Press F11 for firefox and IE.

2. UDPixel It is a download-able Windows based program to locate and fix dead pixel issue. You can fix the stuck pixels by calling them to do rapid changes. You need to run this program for a couple of hours.

2. JScreenFix It is an online tool to fix stuck pixels and image persistence on LCD screens and reduces burn-in on plasma screens. It runs safely inside a web browser, does not require installation and works with Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

Does my LCD have a dead pixel? Dead pixels are easily visible on a complete white or black background. You can easily test your LCD for dead pixel by using free program – Dead Pixel Tester.

Please note, one or two dead pixel does not entitle you for LCD replacement. Most of LCD manufacturer has set standards and only replace LCD if number of dead pixel is above X number.

Important, above methods are attempt to fix stuck or dead pixels. There is no 100% guarantee of success in all cases. So don’t be disappointed if results are not in tune with expectations. In case dead pixels count is more than 7 contact your vendor for possible replacement. Best of Luck!


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