Improve LCD display ClearType settings in XP

[For XP users only] Is your LCD display little blurry and text little difficult to read? Clear Type Font smoothing should do the trick for better readability on your LCD display. Clear Tweak is a free utility that allows you to make changes to Clear Type contrast settings on Windows XP

How to reduce LCD monitor brightness by any percentage level?

Newer monitors are way too bright and emit lot of glare splash. Even lowering brightness from monitor settings does not actually reduce brightness display level. Small utility Monitor Bright can come handy in such situation. It allows you to reduce monitor brightness to any level without

Free portable tool to check dead or stuck pixel on LCD

We have already seen 3+ ways to check for dead / stuck pixels on your LCD display. Here is another one 'IsMyLcdOK' - it is a portable utility to check for dead or stuck pixels on LCD. You can carry this utility in USB drive to perform instant LCD check. To get started, download and unzip

3 Tools to Fix Stuck or Dead Pixel on LCD Monitor

A Point or dot on the screen which is either very dark or light is referred as stuck or dead pixel. You can easily recognize these dead pixels as small dots on your LCD display. There are number of methods to attempt to fix dead pixels. Some practical methods includes applying