How to clean Apple iPad screen & surface


iPad is a stylish looking device. You can keep the visual glitz going by keeping iPad neat and clean. iPad has an oleophobic coating on the screen. You can simply wipe the iPad screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil left by your hands. Basic cleaning routine can help you clean ipad screen and surface quickly.

Procedure to clean ipad tablet device

1. First unplug cables (if any) connected to the iPad.

2. Then turn off iPad completely. Press and hold sleep/ wake button and then slide the onscreen slider.

3. Then use a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting moisture in openings.

Please note, do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean iPad. Rubbing the screen with an abrasive material will further diminish its effect and may scratch your screen. So, be careful! [via Apple Support]



  1. “The rubbing alcohol will break down the oleophobic coating that comes on the iPad’s screen.” How does it break down the coating? Do we know, or is it just a matter of accepting Apple’s contention that it does?

  2. How do you sanitize them, when multiple users, in a classroom, are using them? Wiping them with a cloth does not remove germs!

  3. I use the jumbo microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloths that you can get at the dollar tree.There are 8×8. They are where they sell the sunglasses.

  4. I use this spray from and it works like a charm. It gets my iPad real clean and super shiny. It doesn’t have alcohol or anything that smells strong, so I’m convinced that they don’t put harmful chemicals that break down my glass coating.

    It really cleans all the oils and prints right off, too. The website and bottle all says it is eco friendly, so I’m not sure how they’ve blended it, but it does the job. Take a look for yourself.

  5. I’ve used an LCD cleaner on it a few times, but I’m wondering if even that wasn’t a good idea. The screen looks great, but I think I may stick to a damp microfiber cloth in the future.

  6. John Gotti says

    How you doin? Good! I gotta tell ya, don’t ever use the costco wipes on iPad. The box of wipes said it was safe and now it’s all blurry.. I can’t se shit. I want to find that clerk and stick him up the managers ass. Good luck men!

  7. Can anyone say why rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) should not be used? I find that a little rubbing alcohol on kleenex works very nicely to clean my iPad screen.

    • The rubbing alcohol will break down the oleophobic coating that comes on the iPad’s screen…that coating is what makes the fingerprints and smudges easier to just simply wipe off with a microfiber cleaning cloth like the one at you really won’t ever need any cleaning fluids or even water unless you get food or something crusty stuck to the screen. Hope that helps answer your question!

  8. Use vinegar on a cloth. It’s the best, cheapest, most efficient glass cleaner there is.

  9. A simple microfiber cloth such as our Shwamee Touchscreen Cleaning Cloth is all you need for most iPad cleaning tasks. If you have some stubborn grime on your device, then get your hands lightly wet with clean water, dry them off on the cloth one time, and that is all the moisture you will need. Handy 9×9 inch size, sold in two-packs for $5.99 plus shipping.

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