5 Places to grab Freelancing work & earn money


Each of us have different skills and expertise. If you want to put those skills to good use and earn some money, then think and start freelancing work. Freelancing means doing or pursuing a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer.

Starting off as a freelancer can be real difficult. However, there are number of websites that help people grab freelancing work with ease and little effort.

These websites act as intermediate between people looking for some work and people offering some work. Here goes five useful places to grab some freelancing work and make money in the process.

1. Elance It is a place where businesses connect with professionals to get work done now. It has largest network of rated and certified business professionals and facilitates the entire work process from hiring to collaboration to payment.

2. Guru It is one of the largest online marketplace for freelance talent. Through Guru employers find top freelance and contract talent locally, nationally, or globally. It has more than 100,000 active freelance profiles and over 30,000 employers / businesses.

3. GetaFreelancerName says it all, it allows access to number of projects on which you can work independently and earn money. You are charged small commission to choose and work among available projects or assignments ready to be out-sourced.

4. LimeExchangeAnother way to grab freelancing work. At LimeExchange you can post your profile, search for projects, bid for projects, get awarded and paid on completion of projects. They charge small commission for the whole process.

5. TaskMasterIt is a latest player for freenlancers to search and grab freelancing work. This Microsoft website has clean and straight forward interface for businesses wanting to post projects and freelancers looking for some work.

All the above website offer free account creation and search for prospective projects and assignments. However, you are charged small commission when you are awarded a project.

Besides these, there are number of ways to build relationships and seek freelancing work. It can include number of mediums like Twitter, IM, forums like Digitpoint, sitepoint and even blogs. Have you ever done freelancing work? If yes, how did you get it?


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