A Click of YOU in Daily Life with Daily MugShot


A quick click of you on daily basis with ‘Daily Mugshot’ can result in a collection showcasing ‘you’ over period of days, weeks, months and even years. As pointed by keith @ dailymugshot:

” I came across a dude who took a picture of himself every day and turned it into a video. He had taken pictures of himself every day for years, and the video was amazing. I thought: I want to do that too!”

This idea and ability to do same with more ease resulted in ‘Daily Mugshot’. It is is a free service which helps you chronicle daily images of yourself and share them as an animated sequence.

You can also show your mugshot on blog or website using automatically updating widget. To get started you need to sign up for free account at Daily Mugshot and of course your webcam or digital camera!


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