Airtel to introduce 8 Mbps Internet Access, Yippee!


This is very good news, specially for me (as I use Airtel!). Bharti Airtel Ltd will soon offer 8 Mbps (megabits per second) broadband Internet access for retail and home segments in select cities. Man, this is some serious speed considering speeds at which we have internet available now.

I am sure they will maintain their high standards of service, like they have till now. I use their 256Kbps connection and they never disappoint!

Airtel president for broadband and telephone services Atul Bindal added… “‘With such high-speed access, users will be able to download a 5 MB music file in five seconds as compared to 160 seconds on a 256 Kbps connection” Yeah well said, add movies, software and much more to the download list. Till now Airtel offer Broadband access upto speed of 4mbps.

Hmmm… doubling the speed!To provide this company has invested about Rs.15 billion in setting up the back-end infrastructure, including the optical fibre cable network, carrier Ethernet network and last mile copper wire to provide connectivity in cities and towns across the country.

Price? 8mbps connection will surely come at a premium. Initial reports suggests, tariffs will range between Rs.2,000 and Rs.10,000 per month depending on usage. Not bad, as their current 256Kbps connection (unlimited) comes with a price tag of about Rs 1000 per month.

New Services…Airtel plan to offer IPTV (internet protocol television) service at 8 Mbps, with video and audio content on demand and an interactive facility. Also they are partnering with other companies like India Games and Soundbuzz to get movie, music content on-board.

Some serious plan Airtel is making, I am sure its close competitor is listening and preparing action of their own. I am referring to State run BSNL, who has surprisingly done well in providing broadband service with good satisfaction level… most of my friends are happy them, I am happy with Airtel!



  1. i want to increase my internet speed of airtel mobile

  2. _/\__/\__/\_HaRJot_/\__/\__/\_ says

    I am the one who is being referred as frnd and fully satisfied with BSNL :)

    Cheers !!

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