Blogger Go Right to Left with Arabic, Hebrew & Persian


Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew are 3 new languages support added to Blogger. This is huge for Blogger in going ‘right to left’ with these new languages. Unlike the other 37 languages which are written from ‘left to right’, these new languages are written other way around.

To implement new languages, Blogger has done lot of hard work in flipping the whole interface around. Besides localizing the Blogger interface into these three languages, right-to-left templates and new toolbar buttons for bi-directional text editing in the post editor have been added.

You can easily select and configure the language preference from menu on the dashboard. In the drop down box select the language and you are all set. From then on, all new blogs you create will, by default use your new language choice.

If you need to change the language of an existing blog, just go to Settings, Formatting and select a new language there. Your blog language affects date formatting and other blog text, and your blog’s comments form.

Also with Right to Left setup, sidebar of blog with appear on left instead of right. The main content column will appear on the right instead of left.

With new languages more people will get hooked to using Blogger. I may not be using Blogger now but even I started blogging with Blogger. It is an excellent tool for newbie bloggers, keep Rocking!


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