Capture Full Page Screenshot of any website Online


Here is another addition to tools to capture screenshot of any website – Super Screenshot. Using this tool, you can capture screenshot of any website within few seconds without installing any software.

Best part about this online tool is its simplicity and easy use-ability. It provides all the basic options with little fuss. Homepage of the website also lists screen-shots of recently captured webpages.To use this tool, just enter the URL/web adress and click on GO button. You will get screenshot of that webpage with few customization options as shown below:

  • Select the Dimension option among: Full page or Top Screen.
  • Select the size among: X-Small (80 x 213), Small (125 x 332), Medium (250 x 664), Large (600 x 1594) and Full (980 x 2604).
  • Select Image format option among: PNG and JPEG.

Super ScreenShot: Click here to capture screenshot

There are number of other webpage screenshot capturing tools and software available. Click here to check out some more such software. Almost all them are free and work like charm!



  1. You could also use

  2. Sometimes you want to capture a webpage you are reading in its entirety.

    For iPhone/iPad you can get:

    For Windows, you can get Webpage Capture FREE from

  3. It don’t work anymore, but I found another one :
    URLCapt –

  4. Thanks for letting us know about the service…

  5. Hmm… I found another one exactly similar to this web capture tool.

    And they have some great options… like having the thumbnail in 4 image formats and a javascript delay option as well… in case you want javascript to finish some startup work.

    One thing I never tried is the http authentication… but that again is a cool feature to me.

  6. it’s a supe service, thanks! if they could add also the option to chaneg the jpg quality could be one more step close to perfection!

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