Edit favorites like music, movies on new Facebook timeline profile


Facebook profile is all about things you like, people you know and interact. Editing Facebook profile in new timeline format can be confusing while trying to update your favorites. Ideally, you can edit and change favorites like: music, movies, books, television shows, games, athletes, sports teams, activities, interest, inspirational people and Facebook pages you like.

Change favorites in new Facebook timeline profile

In timeline Facebook profile, the procedure to edit music and other favorites is little different. You can easily add, remove and arrange favorite music listing on your Facebook profile through following procedure.

1. After Facebook login, open your Facebook profile page (in new timeline format). Click on Likes button or directly goto facebook.com/username/favorites (replace username with your Facebook URL name).

2. On Like “Favorites” page, click on Edit button at top right side. Then you should see text boxes for each type of favorite item including: music, television, books, movies and so on. Type your favorite music artists, track, band or inspiration and click Saves Changes to display on your profile.

3. You can choose the information visibility option by clicking drop down arrow and select either of: public, friends, only me and make custom selection. Also, you can remove specific music artist or listing name anytime or drag the listing to left or right to arrange them as per requirement.

Editing favorites in old Facebook profile format

1. If you are still using old Facebook profile format, then procedure to change music, movies and other favorites in different from above. Once you login into Facebook, click Edit Profile button located at top right side of your profile.

2. Then select Arts and Entertainment from the left side menu. In respective fields for music, movies etc – type to enter your favorites artist or music. If pages exist for the artists you add, then your profile will link to them. If you want to add an artist who doesn’t have an existing page, then you will be prompted to create a new page.

3. Using audience selector you can choose who can see your favorites among: friends, only me, custom. Click Save Changes button to confirm editing of your favorites in Facebook profile.


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