Check Mobile phone brand, model & region from IMEI number


nokia-phone-picIMEI is a unique number for every mobile phone device for its identification. It stands for “The International Mobile Equipment Identity”. We have already seen how to find IMEI number of your mobile phone. With IMEI number you can confirm on mobile phone brand, model and region using “Check IMEI” application. This helps establish that your IMEI is genuine and there is no mismatch in this regard.

Use Check IMEI for more information

1. Download Check IMEI program & install it.
2. Get your mobile IMEI number & launch the program.
3. Enter your IMEI number & click search to see related details.


This application will show mobile phone brand, model and region information for specified IMEI number. One quick and easy way to check on associated details of mobile phone IMEI number.



  1. sonu singh says

    How can i find full information of my samsung mobile.
    *#0000# is used for nokia mobile phones.
    but in samsung phones which query we can use….????

  2. cathrine sharmila says

    How can i find out my samsung mobile model and also imei ..

  3. cathrine sharmila says

    *#0000# is not working

  4. Hi, I found out that this tool do not have big database of TAC numbers.

    The most up to date database can be found on

    I hope that you will find it useful as it shows also device images and other information.

  5. do you hve another way i can check my phone brand without install any setup or progam?

    my phone cannot install .exe file..

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