Create Ipod compatible ebooks from files, webpages


Ever wanted to read a particular webpage or file content on your Ipod? You can easily convert any file, text or webpage into ipod compatible format using free online web service ebookhood.

It is very easy to use – just upload the file and click on ‘convert document’ button. It can be used to:

  • Convert any text file (TXT, RTF) located on your computer.
  • Convert text by typing in web based text editor.
  • Convert any webpage by entering URL of that webpage.
  • Convert any RSS Feed URL content.

There is no need to register for file, text or webpage conversion. Registration is required for RSS Feed content conversion. Being a registered users you also share your ebooks with other users.

Website also contain loads of ebooks created by other users. You can browse them from the homepage as listed under “Latest ebooks” and “Top ebooks”. So, convert and relish content on your ipod courtesy ebookHood.


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