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If you are still using Windows XP computer (like numerous other loyal users), then reimage online repair service should interest you. It is an online repair tool that quickly repairs broken Windows software specially designed for XP users. Best part, during repair procedure you do not lose any data. To get started, you can run this service within web browser.

It will perform initial diagnoses of your XP computer by checking it with dynamically updated huge repository of ‘spare’ systems files and registry objects. After scanning all files, folders, registry keys, values, drivers and stacks, the service will start the repair process.

It is just like taking your computer to local computer repair to fix it. In reality, you do not have to move your computer and can perform repairs online. You can subscribe to any package and get started with repairs. Being a Windows Vista user, I could not use this repair service. You can test driver and find more information at Reimage website.



  1. The link is broken and I did a search for the product online elsewhere. People have had similar complaints about the hidden charge. Too bad too because It is a good concept but there is massive online fraud for just about everything these days.

  2. Dennis Gottlieb says


    I downloaded Reimage on 3/22/2010 and it repaired my primary computer problem. My computer took forever to boot. However, on 4/01/2010, just nine days latter, my computer performance was running as slow as it had on 3/22/2010.

    I tried to rerun Reimage, but my repair key was no longer valid. In stead of executing the program it returned me their order page which looked exactly the same as it on 3/22/2010. The one day only price was still listed as $47.95. The only difference was that the last day to take advantage of the one day price had been changed to the then current date.

    Their product description failed to mention that the $47.95 charge was only for a single use of your product. That is a significant omission. I requested a refund in my email of 4/01/2010. I sent them email seven additional times requesting a full refund and the first six replies set additional conditions that I must satisfy before I would be eligible for a refund. The seventh email informed me that I was not entitled to a refund as of 3/29/2010. Why didn’t they tell me in response to my email of 4/01/2010 which was sent more than seven days after I downloaded the program? The only explanation that makes any sense is that their customer support is totally inept or that they were having a good laugh or taking sadistic pleasure in treating me like a yo-yo.

    I ordered Reimage by clicking the “See how it works” button on their homepage which is listed under the “Diagnose Your PC” title on your homepage. The web page then changed to another page titled “Ready to fix your computer?”

    That page displayed the following:
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back. If Reimage fails to work on your computer, then you are entitled to a 100% refund.* Also, an automatic backup of changes is made every time you run Reimage. At any moment you can stop using Reimage and have a full roll-back. No risk to you what so ever. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the repairs made – your money will be refunded.

    The word refund is followed by an “*” which in Standard English usage indicates that the meaning of the word is modified by a footnote that is identified by an asterisk. The words “100% Money Back Guarantee” are printed in 12 point typeface. That is followed by the rest of the statement in 8 point typeface. There are no footnotes on that page. There is however the following listed in the lower margin of the page printed in 6.5 typeface

    Company | Technology | Download | Support | Contact Us | Affiliate Program | Blog | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use | Refund Policy

    It is not reasonable for readers of their Internet sight to follow the asterisk notation to the “Refund Policy” button.

  3. ClearlyPro says

    When I tried to log on to family pc, a box saying “there are not sufficient resources to load” my account with the default something-or-other popped up. The box had a timer that was going to close the box, and then when it closed it would not log me on. I could not turn it on normally so I cut the power. When I turned it back on I logged on fine?
    I read here Network Support but couldnt make sense?


  4. Thank you for the post. The video was very useful..

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