Create New Folder with keyboard shortcut hotkey in Windows XP


Keyboard shortcut hotkeys or direct access are always easy to perform tasks quickly. Upcoming Windows 7 operating has in-built functionality to create new folder using keyboard shortcut key. Do you want similar functionality on Windows XP computer? Small utility bxNew folder does this with ease.


Shortcut key / button to create New Folder

1. Download bxNew Folder utility
2. Install the utility by following on-screen steps.
3. After install open Windows Explorer to see “New Folder” button.
4. You can click “New Folder” button or press F12 key to create new folder anywhere on your XP computer.


Above dialog box window will appear when you either click “New Folder” button or press F12 key. Enter name of the folder and click on OK button. Creating new¬†folders just became more easy with direct button or keyboard shortcut option in Windows XP.



  1. this software is pointless, completely pointless. We don’t need a dialogue box we can change the name of a folder just fine. we need a software that just creates a new folder at the click of a button (new folder , newfolder (1), new folder (2) etc etc …). The dialogue box made this software trash quite frankly.

  2. Try Alt+F+W+F combination.. This works Fine…

  3. i don want to use another software! i want to use build-in hot key in xp to create new folder! please..

  4. giv me wap address for download vcd protect softwere

  5. (Updated) Get “New Folder” Button on Windows Explorer Toolbar in XP For Free and Better… :

    – Updated (Patch only):
    If you already have standard/original Baxbex New Folder application installed ( ), then you can also just download this smaller patch to get the same Vista style icon for Baxbex New Folder as i said before (to patch bxNewFolder.dll):

    Screenshots: and

    All credits to Baxbex for the nice free software…

    Hope that it would be useful, especially for XP users. Anyway good luck…

    PS: You can also visit my thread on Deviantart for more info, free tools & applications for Windows Explorer, etc here : cya… :)

  6. Yeah actually XP already has its own “Make a new folder” button too, to create a new folder in Windows Explorer, while it’s located in XP Webview Panel/Common Task Pane, see screenshot: (and just like Windows 7 RTM Explorer now), but yeah some people would love it’s on the explorer toolbar as well as Open/Save dialog box.

    Since Baxbex new folder offered only old Windows 98 style icon (not matching with new XP visual style), just download free add on new folder button in XP Explorer Toolbar (my created-skinned/reshacked bxnewfolder with Vista style icon etc) + hotkey and floating dialog box, fully functional and working as well: Screenshots: and


  7. Ok, for those who want a pretty hard core solution that doesn’t involve downloading other peoples apps, here you go.

    Purpose – Hit a key combo & “new folder” appears on your desktop,
    1) Create a new shortcut, (where ever, but in a place you won’t delete it)
    2) In Location put mkdir “%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\New Folder”
    3) Click Next
    4) Name: Create New Folder
    5) Click Finish
    6) Right Click on this new file & click properties
    7) In the “Shortcut Key” box press – ctrl-shift-n (or what ever you prefer)
    8) Choose OK

    *Note this does not overwrite or rename if that folder exists.
    i didn’t find a quick fix to do that.


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