Create Slideshow of Pics, Videos & Music with Moonk


Till now we have seen web services exclusive for creating image slide-shows, Video slide-shows and music slide-shows. Moonk is a comprehensive web service that allows you to create sideshows of images, videos and music files. Upload your favorite images, videos and music files and start creating slide-shows.

You can then embed these sideshows on number of social networking websites. After you create an account, upload the media to create slide-shows. You get 500 MB of storage space for your media.

Uploaded videos format is automatically converted into Flash video format. To create a photo slide-show, simply upload JPEGs. The common MP3 format is supported by the jukebox. You can easily edit existing slideshows and can add new content to them.

This service does not allow to mix photos with videos or with audio. It is a single medium player, that means, only photos can be added to a photo player, music to a jukebox, and videos to a video player.

Nice way to enhance your profiles and blogs. With Moonk you can create a slideshow from your favorite pictures; a videoshow from your best videos; and a jukebox from your greatest music hits.

Moonk: Create your SlideshowsFAQs

Slideshows or players created can be easily integrated into pages like MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Yahoo360°, and or used for your own personal website. Happy Slideshow making!


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