Disable & block Facetime on iPad, iPhone


Facetime feature enable you to make video calls using camera on iPhone, iPad Apple devices. It provides rich interactive experience allowing you to view video and listen voice while interacting with other person using Facetime. However, at times you may want to disable Facetime calls feature to prevent its mis-use by other people in your house or friend circle using your Apple device.

Turn off Facetime feature from ‘Restrictions’

1. Tap to goto Settings > General > Restrictions.

2. Then tap to enable restriction and then enter your 4 digit pass code.

3. Re-enter the pass code and then slide to set OFF for Facetime feature on Restrictions screen. Once Facetime feature is disabled, you cannot make or receive calls on iPhone 4 and iPad.

To turn off restrictions: Choose General > Restrictions, then enter the passcode. Tap Disable Restrictions, then reenter the passcode. Please note, if you forget your passcode you must restore the iPhone / iPad softwarefrom iTunes.


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