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Browsing the internet to find a right name for you baby is common practise. You will soon get onto internet to discover, research and understand the origins of your ‘surname’. Yeah, internet makes everything possible. Surname Database contains a large FREE to access database on the history and origins of family surnames.

Sounds Good, but when I searched for my surname there was no result for that. Well, not a surprise since my surname is pretty un-common.

But, I got BIG SURPISE when I searched for a common surname in India ‘Sharma’. Here is surprising origins of surname ‘Sharma’:

The spelling of this surname would suggest that it is a name of Muslim origins. Now recorded in the spellings of Sharma and Shama, it believed that the meaning is the ‘flame of a candle’…

Sharma, a surname of muslim origins? Man, this can cause big riots.  They seem to have got it confused Sharma with word Shama and all the stuff there is for Shama and not sharma.

With such a result, there were some instant reactions on the site itself, for example:

  • 123ande: “I think you are just basing you search on the British origin….indian surnames are far more older than this….”
  • Robby Vijan: “This surname is widely known in India for centuries. You should widen your research too.”

Website asserts… “We are a family run web site, that has built up a database of surname origins over the last 20 years.” Probably they need to research bit more!

Surname Database: WebsiteResult for ‘Sharma’About

In case you are a British or American, then please check how relevant information it has for your surname, hope it is relevant!



  1. Swapnil says

    Hi, I want information about my surname “Gadgune”, with meaning and history.
    If anyone has information, please, email me.

  2. Pls find the origin of the surname SUR

  3. naresh madarapu says

    Hi.. what is the meaning of the surname “madarapu”

  4. A K JAIN says


  5. i want the meaning of the surname Ashar can anyone plzzzz help ?

  6. hi guys i m not able to find the surname rawanda and its origon, its a muslim surname,can anybody help

  7. Sharma is a common hindu surname and any database that comes with with any half baked theory is not worth subscribing too.
    SHARMA is a HINDU SURNAME and the surname of Hindu brahmin caste

  8. muzafarali says

    i need the meaning and orgin of the sur name MEER

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