Does your Job Suck? Share & read Juicy Job Tales


“….don’t even think about working here! I tried to convince myself that this would be a good place to work…then after a year, I couldn’t take it anymore! ”

“…work there at your own risk!! be prepared to be fired in 3 months.”

“…pretty awesome place to work. free food, video games and toys all over the place, countless seminars and web tutorials to help you learn cs concepts as well as various bits of google technology, etc.”

Does your Job Suck? Are you bored of doing same work for long time? Do you love you job like anything? Questions, questions and more questions about your job experience.

Here is another question – Have you ever wanted to share your good/bad/ugly job experience?

Not only answer is yes, infact most of us tend to share our job experience through informal  channels like friends, chatting etc. Stumbled upon an interesting website where people only discuss good, bad and ugly job experiences – JobDud. As rightfully explained by JobDud:

“… People want different things when they seek a job: challenging tasks, fun social environment or just the money(nothing wrong with that). Most job seekers do not know the inside details about the potential company besides the company’s own biased HR report. can give job seekers an unbiased opinion about jobs. Viewers contribute their experiences from their jobs so others can learn what working at a particular company entails. They can submit reviews anonymously so they can write about their companies without retribution. ”

JobDud: Click here to share or read Job TalesAbout

Once you start reading job tales posted there, you want to read and read. Most of the reviews has company name listed, so you know who is being talked about. One very good place to vent out your job experience. Besides it can also help you select company you want to work in the future, what say?


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