Download MSN Toolbar for IE based on Silverlight


New MSN Toolbar for Internet Explorer is now available for download and use. It is based on Microsoft’s Silverlight Technology [Silverlight Wallpaper]. The new MSN toolbar allows you to:

  • See highlights of popular MSN channels quickly
  • Stay up to date without leaving the Web page you’re on
  • Get late-breaking news headlines at your fingertips
  • Use handy search tools to find exactly what you need

Put information at your fingertips to see headlines and features from eight popular MSN channels. Simply click on channel buttons to preview, then choose any link to explore.

Stay connected to your friends via easy access to Windows Live Hotmail, Messenger and Spaces. Get Live Search results even when you use another search engine, plus make specific MSN channel searches.

Stay up to date as when breaking news happens, the news button gleams so you’ll know right away. Looks like heavy makeover under Silverlight platform to stay connected with news & other MSN services. Download MSN Toolbar


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