Download Free Microsoft Security Essential Anti-Virus – full Final version


“Microsoft Security Essential” is a free security software from Microsoft. Its beta version created lot of buzzand was appreciated by majority of users for providing adequate protection at no cost. Microsoft has now removed beta tag and released stable & final version of its free security software.


This software provide real-time protection for your home PC and guards against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. It has easy to use interface and surprisingly does not hog too many system resources. It is available for free download and use on Windows 7, Vista & XP (both 32 & 64 bit version). Download from Microsoft or alternative Softpedia download. Note: Your PC must run genuine Windows to install.



  1. it is gd for pc

  2. Dele Charles says

    hope this anti-virus will adequately protect my PC, so that could recommend it 2 my friends

  3. Thomas Urappani says

    Please help me get the free microsoft anti virus

  4. sampras paudel says

    its best than other!

  5. very good

  6. hi! how are you?……i hope you are be fine …….i have necessry for the security essential soft if you could send me this soft setup for my id add.
    ………………….i will be happy from you people thanks ……one things i should
    say you that my pc is labtop win7 64bit……bye

  7. khagendra prajapati says

    it’s very very good

  8. thanks its my first time to use it

  9. Hi!

    im attendant of internet cafe we provide of this security essentials…

    Now, i observed first in this sicurity, im not ready to use it. thanks,

  10. thats coooooollllllllllllllllllll……………..quite gud….

  11. is ammaging

  12. thanks, this will work perfectly for any pc.

  13. thanks, its really lovely.

  14. Md. Iqbal Hossain Manzu (BHOLA) says

    Thanks, this is good for any PC.

  15. thank you very very much from Microsoft antivirus

  16. microsoft-security-essential antivires is good ….. but some times their scanning process is very slow

  17. i will want to improve your products

  18. masudulnizami says

    thanks a lot for a free help. i will remain ever grateful.

  19. i want a microsoft antivirus security essential please mail me

  20. shahid Qureshi says

    i want ti install this anti virus software because i like microsoft product

  21. Not impressed that it’s not available in SA

  22. give an full version for low ram campatable systems pls

  23. muhammad abu sa'da says

    hi and thanks

  24. sasmita padhy says

    hello thank for microsoft

  25. help clean up problem with computeralso helped a freind remove cyber protetionthat put spy bot and trojan on there computer.

  26. thank for microsoft theses is no slover pc and very good working to pc,me!

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