Free Anti Virus software licenses from Facebook

Facebook is serious about online security and has launched "Facebook Anti-Virus Marketplace" to help users stay protected. At Facebook AV Marketplace you can download full version of best Anti Virus software for free (with working licenses). Since top rated Anti Virus software is being

Download AVG Anti-Virus 2012 free version

AVG is one of best free anti-virus security software available for computer users. AVG has now released new 2012 version which is better and faster than previous releases. AVG is releasing 3 security products for 2012 series including: free AVG anti-virus 2012, AVG Internet Security and

Check file downloads for Malware on MAC OSX

MAC OSX users should be careful while downloading files from the internet. Either of downloaded file may contain malware infection which can harm your system and steal personal information. There are number of manual methods to remove malware from MAC systems with malware infection.

How to remove fake Mac Defender malware software

MAC users may have come across offer to download 'Mac Defender' anti virus software for MAC system protection. This so called anti virus software is a malicious software (also known as malware) and intends to cause harm with ultimate goal of grabbing users credit card information which may

Best free anti-virus software for MAC OSX

There are number of free anti virus software for Windows users. Fortunately, lot of free anti virus protection software options are also available for MAC OSX (Apple) users. 'Virus cannot attack MAC OSX' is no longer true. Hence, MAC OSX users should use anti virus protection software to

Download free Norton Antivirus & Internet Security 2011

Norton is a popular provider of antivirus and security software programs. If you have tried Norton Antivirus and Internet Security 2010 and loved it - then here is next bump with 2011 beta version release. You can download free Norton Antivirus & Internet Security 2011 betas to test

Schedule boot time startup Virus Scan with Avast

You can setup boot time scan to allow scanning for viruses at PC startup (when computer is swtiched ON). Free anti-virus software 'Avast' has this feature of Boot Time Scan. It scans your PC before the malware or virus is activated, hence cleaning the system before the system is acutally

Check AntiVirus software with demo Virus code

"... Is my antivirus software good enough to detect viruses?". You can get possible answer to this questions by creating a demo string for your security software using notepad. The EICAR is a non-viral string of code that many of the anti-virus software use as a virus definition.

How to remove Fake Antivirus software

Antivirus software is intended to protect computer from viruses and other malicious stuff. There are number of robust free Antivirus software program to keep computer safe from viruses. However, there are also number of FAKE antivirus software programs that are viruses or trojans. These

Download Kaspersky AntiVirus for Mac

Kaspersky is one of leading AntiVirus and security software to protect computer from malicious threats. Now even Mac users can enjoy Kaspersky protection from viruses and spyware with all new Kaspersky for Mac. It helps protect your music, photos, files and sensitive information and

Download latest AVG 9.0 Free Anti-Virus software

AVG is one of best anti-virus security software among list of free effective Anti-Virus programs. AVG pro version 9.0 was released a while ago, now version 9.0 of free edition of AVG is also available for download and use. This software program protects system from online and other

Download Free Microsoft Security Essential Anti-Virus – full Final version

"Microsoft Security Essential" is a free security software from Microsoft. Its beta version created lot of buzzand was appreciated by majority of users for providing adequate protection at no cost. Microsoft has now removed beta tag and released stable & final version of its free