Change Folder Icon Color & Looks to Organize better


Are you tired of seeing same light yellow color folder icons? You can give Windows icon a quick makeover for all new colors, looks and jazz with iColorFolder.

Icon makeover not only make icon look beautiful and colorful, it also helps in better organization of folder on your computer. For example you can classify folders by colors: Red is an important folder, Orange is Urgent, Green is Family folder and so on.

iColorFolder is a lite application and does not hog system resources. You can customize any folder icon using this application. Number of skins are available for that customized look on your Windows XP computer.

Download iColorFolder [link] to add jazz, color and look to folder icons. You can also download additional Skin package for more options. Enjoy the colors! And yes, you can revert back to default folder icons as per desire!

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  1. It’s really nice. Differentiation becomes easy. Looks cool too.

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