Download New & Improved Google Toolbar 5


Google has announced the latest version of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Google Toolbar 5 aims to bring in some new improved features that can help in better and efficient browsing experience. Following are the key new features of this release:

1. Custom buttons with support for Google Gadgets – Now custom buttons can support Google Gadgets: when you click on the icon, the gadget will pop down from the Toolbar, no matter what site you are on and close when you are done with it. You can add some of your favorite Google Gadgets to your Toolbar.

2. Access Toolbar from any computer – Just sign-in into your toolbar from any computer and your customized settings for the toolbar with all your favorites and much more will load.

3. Find words on a page more easily – With the Google Toolbar Find bar, you can search for words as you type and quickly locate and highlight key terms across different pages.

4. Improved AutoFill – With the improved AutoFill feature, you can keep several different profiles to serve your business and personal needs and store credit card information with password protection. When you start filling in a form online, you can hover over the AutoFill icon to preview the information and then click to actually fill it in.

5. AutoLink – With Google Toolbar’s AutoLink feature, you can turn text about vehicle, book and map information into useful links instantly. You can choose your default information provider from the Tools section of the Options menu.

6. Translate – Just select “Translate this page” from the Toolbar’s Translate menu to view French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese, and Korean pages in English.

7. PageRank Display – Use the Toolbar’s PageRank display to tell you how Google assesses the importance of the page you’re viewing.

Google Toolbar: More about featuresDownloadDemo Video

Besides above, number of other new things you will find in the latest version of Google Toolbar. Surely this small bar is getting more powerful with heavy loaded function. Worth a try or upgrade!


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