Download Wallpapers for Widescreen Monitors


With technological advancements in monitors/screens at offer, more people are using Wide screen monitors.

These monitor run at resolutions like 1400 x 1050 or 1680 x 1050 or 1920 x 1200. Finding wallpapers that fit such resolution is real task. Other alternative one may settle with is using a standard wallpaper and stretch it to fit the whole screen.

But this generally washes out the clarity and crispness. Here are excellent resources to download HQ wallpapers for widescreen monitors:

1. Vladstudio Wallpapers: Really high quality and amazing design wallpaper for your desktop. I personally like this site the most. Real big and unique collection at offer.

2. Andre Gunther Photography: Another good resource for high quality wallpapers. Read the comments on the page and you will know why I listed this link. Anyway wallpapers are cool!

3. PlasmaDesign Wallpapers: Superbly detailed and stylish wallpapers for different categories. You can download wallpapers for: WideScreen Monitors, Dual Monitor Display and also 30 inch HD display.

4. Interface Lift: Many categories and a great number of wallpapers. Most wallpapers available in widescreen high resolution.

5. Mandolux: Artistic photo wallpapers by Mando. Take time to check archive for a big selection of high resolution wallpapers that will look sizzle on your windscreen monitor.

6. Caedes Desktop Backgrounds: Caedes is a close community of artists, designers, and photographers who share their work through the medium of computer desktop wallpaper. Really huge and HQ collection.

7. xxlwallpapers: As the name suggests, site will only big size wallpapers perfect for your wide screen monitor.

8. Digital Blasphemy: Great collection of digital imaginary and most wallpapers available in sizes that will glow up your side screen… oops I mean Wide Screen.

9. Graffiti Wallpaper: Site with high quality wallpapers of different categories like Animal, Food, Graffiti, Landscape, Plant, Statue, Texture, Tree and more!

10. Widescreen Babes: Saving BEST for the last. Download hottest babes and stare them on your wide screen monitor !!!

Above was the list of resources from where you can download wallpapers for your widescreen monitor. I will add more as and when I find them.

If you have any link to share on this, feel free to add a comment or mail me!



  1. You missed out the awesome I love too
    I didn’t knew about the free gallery at Digital Blasphemy :D

  2. another great website for widescreen wallpapers is

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    I made with photoshop backgrounds for youtube, myspace and whatever
    my backgrounds:
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