Enable threaded comments on Facebook page


Facebook has made commenting more interactive by introducing threaded comments. Any user can reply to any existing comment taking discussion forward on specific comment. Once you enable ‘replies’ feature, a reply button is added at bottom of every comment. Hence, un-like plain listing of comments this new feature will result in nesting of comments allowing more relevant discussion. It will also allow easy tracking of who commented on which part of the disccusion, handy on posts with lot of comments.

How ‘Reply to comment’ look on Facebook

As seen in screenshot below, once you enable this feature ‘reply’ button is added next to ‘like’ button under every existing comment on your Facebook page.


A user can click that ‘reply’ button and add threaded (nesting) comments under any exisiting comment. This is useful when a new comment being added is more relevant to specific existing comment rather than post in general.

Turn ON replies for comments on Facebook page

1. Once you login into Facebook account, click to open your fanpage from menu on the left sidebar. Then goto Edit Page > Manage Permission options from the toolbar at the top.


2. This will open “manage permission” page, scroll down to the bottom of this page and look for “Replies” section. Click to enable (tick mark) “Allow replies to comments on my Page” option.


Though we have seen threaded comments feature on many different platforms, it is good to see Facebook finally adding this feature to their website. This will promote more healthy and relevant discussion through Facebook comments.

Video: Add Reply button to Facebook comments


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