Express in Shorter Synonym For Any Word with Thsrs


Expressing in least amount of words can send message faster and more easily. However, selecting a proper ‘short synonym’ is very important to uphold the actual meaning of the message. Thsrs is one cool way to dig out Shorter Synonym for any Word.

Just enter the long word and hit ‘Look up’ button. You will get list of related short synonym. Makers of the web service explain its importance with Twitter example, where one has to squeeze message in just 140 characters.

“… If only there were a service that helps with the struggle of rewriting a 146-letter message to fit in a 140 character limit. Well now there is: Thsrs, the thesaurus that only gives you synonyms shorter than the word you’re looking up.”

It also has Thsrs plugin for Firefox or IE (yes IE!) for better integration with your web browser. Ready to discover shorter synonyms with Thsrs ?


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