Find Synonyms of a Word in MS Word

While re-writing text based document, synonyms (or similar words) can come real handy in giving different character to the document. Unlike manual searching for synonyms of specific word, you can automate this in Microsoft Word program. Just select the word and get possible synonyms

Rhyme Words Online or Offline in few simple clicks

Writing a poem? Crafting a song? Need to find exactly the right word? Well, help is here in the form of online and offline version of Rhyming Dictionary and Rhymesaurus respectively. So, which words rhyme with word 'technology'? Here is the quick answer with common words "... apology,

Express in Shorter Synonym For Any Word with Thsrs

Expressing in least amount of words can send message faster and more easily. However, selecting a proper 'short synonym' is very important to uphold the actual meaning of the message. Thsrs is one cool way to dig out Shorter Synonym for any Word. Just enter the long word and hit 'Look