Find specific phrase occurrence in Google Books

Google Books has online scanned digital collection of almost 10% books ever published. Do you want to find occurrence of specific phrase (words) in Google Books collection? You can easily do this using 'Google Books Ngram Viewer' online tool. Result is displayed in line graph format

View dictionary meaning of words in Google Docs

Google Docs can be used to create and view any type of text based documents. Checking meaning of words used in a document is a usual routine. Now you can do this easily in the new editor of Google Docs. "Define" feature allows you to check detailed dictionary meaning and web definitions of

Find Synonyms of a Word in MS Word

While re-writing text based document, synonyms (or similar words) can come real handy in giving different character to the document. Unlike manual searching for synonyms of specific word, you can automate this in Microsoft Word program. Just select the word and get possible synonyms

Calculate Word frequency [number of repeating words]

Do you want to calculate "number of times" same word appear in a text document? Word Frequency Counter is a cool tool to calculate word frequency from given text quickly. On the click of a button, it shows frequency listing of each word and number of times it has been repeated in the

Find & create similar set of items, words, websites with Google Sets

Google Sets labs is an experimental web tool to automatically create sets of items. You can enter few keywords for specific set of items and allow Google Sets tool to dish out more similar items. It has two options, either show large set with more than 15 items or small set with less than

Find & replace words, phrases in multiple files & folders

Do you want to replace specific word(s) in group of text files? Manual search and replace can take hours to complete this task. Cut the effort and hours using Text Crawler application - it enables you to instantly find and replace words and phrases across multiple files and folders. You

Download free Dictionary, 30+ dictionaries included

We are web connected and head over to Google or specific online dictionary to look for meaning of specific words. How about goodness of best of dictionaries on your computer itself? Ultimate Dictionary is one big daddy of best dictionaries around. It has collection of over 30+

Count words online with simple Copy Paste

Many word processing applications show number of words in a give text document. In case you do not have access to either of them, just hit the web to - it is a no fuss and very simple online word counting tool. Just copy and paste the text in the window provided and click

English to NATO phonetic alphabet online or offline

"... a for alpha, b for bravo, c for charlie and so on" - a person dealing with customer service will know the importance of such words. These standard words for every alphabet (officially called NATO phonetic) help convey words with absolute accuracy. As seen in image above, if you

Improve Spelling ability by making words, fun & play!

If you have played 'Word Racer' game while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger - then you will also love WordGrid game. It is a similar game for solo word making fun and play. You have to make meaningful words from alphabets shown on word grid. Select words and then click on enter

Express in Shorter Synonym For Any Word with Thsrs

Expressing in least amount of words can send message faster and more easily. However, selecting a proper 'short synonym' is very important to uphold the actual meaning of the message. Thsrs is one cool way to dig out Shorter Synonym for any Word. Just enter the long word and hit 'Look